Tray of Thirty Hen Eggs

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30 eggs in one tray.

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A tray of thirty freshly laid, hen eggs with delicious golden yolks.




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10 reviews for Tray of Thirty Hen Eggs

  1. millingtonsilva (verified owner)

    Great eggs. Professionally delivered (taking into account current covid situation) and great value for money. Glad to be supporting local business!

  2. joneses2010 (verified owner)

    100% agree with the previous reviewer – millingtonsilva. These eggs were a lifesaver during first lockdown and we’ve kept going with them ever since as they are so delicious!

  3. joan2arthur (verified owner)

    These eggs are wonderful. So tasty, and they have that ‘feel good’ factor from how the chickens are cared for. My neighbours and I have kept our orders going since first lockdown. I do a lot more meals with eggs now that I can get this quality of produce. Well done Mayfields!

  4. dovydaitis6795 (verified owner)

    Best eggs ever! Have been having them for nearly 2 years and I won’t go back to buying elsewhere. They last ages and have gorgeous orange yolks.

  5. James (verified owner)

    We have been having eggs (and Asparagus and Strawberries) delivered weekly by James and his team for over 2 years now and the quality and service never disappoint. Stong shells and deep yellow yolks with a rich deep taste, I am sure that nobody does it better than James and his team.

  6. hague.jackie (verified owner)

    We’ve been having deliveries for over two years now and thoroughly enjoy these wonderful eggs. James and the team are a tribute to the egg farmers of Oxfordshire, producing outstanding eggs and providing a highly efficient delivery service in the surrounding villages.

  7. Linda Berry (verified owner)

    Great eggs and delivered efficiently. Always good to support a local business.

  8. osmanthus (verified owner)

    Fantastic eggs! Delicious, local, and a livesaver for us during lockdown. We also like knowing that the chickens are well cared for. Thanks for the terrific delivery service!

  9. Ciara Hurley (verified owner)

    Great quality eggs. Nice orangey yolks. Delivery to my doorstep is so handy, the eggs are never damaged either.

  10. Stephen williams (verified owner)

    Beautiful eggs. Some of the best eggs we have ever had! The yolk is lovely and orange 🙂

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