Our Eggs

The passion of an Oxfordshire family

From farm to fork

Our eggs are collected by hand each day and then move to our egg packing centre. Here, the eggs are checked for quality, stamped with our unique producer number, separated by size and packed into either trays or pre-pack boxes. The eggs are packed carefully into our delivery vehicles and delivered directly to our customers.

An egg for every occasion

Very Large | 6 pack

Our very large free range eggs are perfect to enjoy as dippy eggs and there is a great chance you’ll have a double yolker

Large | 6 pack

Our premium large free-range eggs are perfect for your everyday needs in the kitchen.

Medium | 6 pack

Our medium free-range eggs offer a lower cost egg for your everyday needs in the kitchen

Small |18 pack

We were delighted when Jamie Oliver highlighted how great these small, but perfectly formed, eggs can be.

Duck | 6 pack

Both chefs and delicatessens have been asking us for duck eggs. Our poultry vets have strongly advised that we don’t keep other species of birds on our farm (risk of disease) and therefore we’ve partnered with a trusted Oxfordshire farm to source great quality duck eggs. The Aylesbury White ducks are free range and enjoy paddling in the stream and exploring the grassy paddocks. Our duck eggs have a deliciously rich, deep orange yolk.

Members of Laid in Britain

We are members of the ‘Laid in Britain’ assurance scheme which offers the highest standards of food safety and bird welfare. 
Laid in Britain is a viable alternative to the Lion Brand used by supermarkets and membership ensures we comply with stringent health and safety regulations and as a result produce salmonella free eggs

  • Regularly test for Salmonella  
  • Adhere to stringent HACCP procedures
  • Vaccinate against main strands of salmonella 

More can be found out about Laid in Britain by clicking on the link below

In addition, to Laid in Britain, some of our larger customers require strict and regular auditing programmes to which we are pleased to adhere to.