Our Story

The passion of an Oxfordshire family

A modern farm with traditional values…

For over 60 years, my family have been poultry farming near Witney, West Oxfordshire and that experience forms the basis of how we farm today. As a boy, I loved spending time with my grandparents on their small holding in New Yatt, near Witney. I have great memories of helping my grandfather feed the hens and getting pecked as I put my hand into their straw nest boxes to collect their eggs. My grandfather was a master baker and used the eggs to make wedding cakes and a small egg round for the local villages. His empathy with his hens, work ethic and customer focus are values that shape how we farm today.

It’s not all been farming…. After completing a biology degree at Bristol, I moved to central London to become a management consultant. Over 15 years, I was lucky enough to play a role in changing large organisations however during that time, I found a beautiful wife and had three children and was rarely at home.