Mayfield home delivery service

Super fresh eggs supplied and delivered

Super fresh eggs, delivered to your door, direct from the farm.... 

1. What service do you offer? - Due to the high demand for our home delivery service at this time we are offering a limited service to ensure we get the eggs to you. You can order a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery of eggs but we are currently unable to accept one off orders. Payment is taken automatically and you can contact us at any time to change, cancel or skip a delivery if you have too many eggs. There is no need to reorder each time. 

2. Is there a minimum order? - We only deliver  eggs in trays of 30. A recyclable cardboard tray of 30 medium eggs is £6.50 and a tray of 30 large eggs is £8.00.

2. How fresh are the eggs and how long do they last? - Because the eggs come direct from the farm, they are delivered within 2 - 3 days of being laid and the use by date is approx. 25 days. Eggs are laid on day 1, graded and packed on day 2 and delivered to your door on day 3. Chefs tell us that fresh eggs are great for poaching. 

3. Order cut off – We need a day to prepare orders and therefore we ask that you order by midnight two days before we are due to deliver in your area.  For example, if we deliver in your area on a Wednesday, you would need to place your order by midnight on Monday, giving us Tuesday to process your order and your eggs would arrive the following day. If you order on the Tuesday, your eggs would arrive the following Wednesday.

4. What times do you deliver?The delivery will be between the hours of 9am and 5pm. Unfortunately with the high demand for deliveries at the moment we are unable to be more specific on the delivery time, however we aim to get deliveries into a regular pattern in the near future.

5. Where do you deliver to and when?

Please treat this as indicative for the areas as we cannot list all villages.... 

Monday – Bicester, North Oxford and Witney

Tuesday – Abingdon, Carterton and Eynsham

Wednesday – Charlbury, Central Oxford, Didcot & Woodstock

Thursday – Abingdon, Botley, Faringdon, Kennington, Lechlade &   Standlake

Friday – Long Hanborough & Witney

6. How can I order? - To set up your regular delivery, please complete our online order & payment form, using this button and the eggs will arrive at your door. 

Order a regular delivery

Our hens
Our hens

Mayfield House gate 

Mayfield Free Range Eggs was started by my parents with 10 hens in the small paddock at their home,Mayfield House in New Yatt. Today we continue to sell eggs from the gate at Mayfield House. Eggs are available from 8am - 5pm Monday to Saturday. 

Supporting your business 

If you are a business and interested in using or selling Mayfield eggs, please get in contact.  


"Our aim is to produce a great quality, fresh egg, where you have absolute confidence in our free range farming and we consistently meet our commitments to you, our customer"

James Lyall
Egg farmer